This site is made from Rex Salazar’s relationships together with other letters from the series

Being Providence’s miracle firearm and going through many examples through the their lives, Rex got discovered of numerous partners and you may enemies in the act.

Rafael and Violeta Salazar

Rafael Salazar and you may Violeta Salazar was indeed Rex’s moms and dads. Rafael try out-of Buenos Aires, Argentina and you can Violeta try regarding Mexico Area, Mexico. These were both intelligent scientists exactly who died regarding the Nanite Event considering the rush. Rex are saddened when he learned from his elderly aunt, Caesar, you to their father and mother got both perished. [1] Violeta and Rafael cared significantly to have your, realizing that they place their every to your saving his lives which have nanites just after an awful collision which was almost deadly. In the event that nanite reactor is actually broken, Violeta easily cautioned Rex to perform to have cover. [2]

Once the children, it turned out you to Rex along with his relatives hardly invested date with each other. Every once for the some time, the two boffins create see break fast making use of their youngsters, however, barely spent any top quality date having Rex for their constant doing work. Rex after discovered children films ones when they stayed in its ranch along with her. [3] Rex would even often remain in Rafael’s place of work and you can mark pictures. [4]

Caesar Salazar

Caesar was Rex’s old cousin. Rex stated that even with getting his brother, the guy believed because if Caesar try a complete stranger to help you him because of their amnesia. [1] Despite this, the two appeared to get on somewhat fine. Van Kleiss informed Rex that Caesar was not the guy he experienced your are. [5] Although not, Rex appeared to disregard that it caution and you can turned familiar with his more mature brother’s eccentricity.

Whenever Rex moved six months of the future, examining the reformed Providence, he found their earlier brother operating alongside the this new frontrunner, Black Knight, within the a storyline to recapture and you can handle EVOs accomplish their putting in a bid. Rex disagreed with the help of our terms and you can faced his elder brother. Angered by Caesar’s respond, the guy said so you’re able to your he hardly ever really understood him in the all. Caesar and you may Black Knight tried to use the head device to the your, however bondagecom dating, Rex were able to eliminate the newest Providence. [6]

Rex seemed to keep no grudge to the his sis. He’d his phone number and, immediately after understanding he might participate in new restart of your own Nanite Investment, tried to get in touch with your instantly to clear his identity. Once the guy heard it was Caesar just who caused the Nanite Feel Rex believed betrayed yet still hesitated in advance of fleeing away from Providence. [7]

Sooner their relationship increased after a while once the Rex did actually initiate assuming their elderly aunt to some degree throughout the, and you can just after, Alpha’s assault. [8]

Their dating deteriorated so much more after Caesar told Rex he got purposefully was the cause of Nanite Feel to store the nation. A short while later, Rex forgotten his research and you may installed each one of their search that is actually leftover. At the end of this come across Rex told Caesar these were done. Even though soon after back on Bush, Light Knight showed that whether it wasn’t for the Nanite Skills, the country has been destroyed, otherwise worse, hence mended their relationship a while. [7]

Although Caesar knew of Rex and his team’s location, he did not reveal this information to Black Knight. He also gave Rex back his Omega-1 nanite instead of keeping it in his lab or alerting Providence, showing that he trusts Rex more than anything. Cite error: Closing missing for tag

After some time, Providence invaded The latest Plant and you may Rex try caught. Rex try controlled from the Cyclatron, and this suppressed their performance. Caesar next came in to talk to their younger sibling into the individual. Rex asserted that he most disliked him. Then begged Caesar to aid him, and stated that he had been terrified. not, whenever Caesar refused to release him and you may come the machine alternatively, Rex angrily yelled which he never ever desired to see your once again. [9]

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