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Enneagram Tritype 469 – The Hunter

While 469, you’re intuitive, interested and you will recognizing. We want to feel new, specific and you can quiet. You are a very painful and sensitive and can feel extreme thinking from self-question and you will uncertainty. Consequently you desire multiple sources of verification. You want to be individualistic but may fear getting independent away from anyone else.

Everything objective will be to raise the issues pertaining to the brand new mysteries out-of existence and you may express the conclusions with others. A real seeker, you are happiest once you end up being you could answer the question regarding who you are.

You’ll be thus focused on your feelings, insecurities and you will second thoughts you could become paralyzed by the worry of developing unsuitable choice as well as getting fooled or cheated.

The fresh new 469 is a hunter with a lot of self-doubt. There is always more to understand if you find yourself that it tritype however the interest would be to make an approach. the fresh new 6 and 4 feel the very self-doubt and the brand new nine. The cuatro second thoughts the ideas, the six the advice. 6s need reassurance, 4s require praise so you can counterbalance the sheer tendency to be guilt painful and sensitive. The latest 4 top is more worried about the Whom am I concern and expectations to help you ‘as time goes by have that replied owing to lingering introspection and you will referencing her feelings. I’m able to just cam out-of personal contact and you will declare that the brand new 6 top is faster term centered. Exactly who Have always been I doesnt enter the photo like the cuatro, much less dependence on being required to lay by themselves aside to resolve the brand new philosophical troubles.

…the fresh six tend to stereotypically offer 469 a world orientation around contacts to relieve stress…469 will get more of a newspapers-eliminate effect development which have authority in staving out of internal nervousness.

The newest 9 otherwise cuatro on 469 tritype comes with the step three sizes one to getting doubt. Doubt types insecurity and that grows stress. This new current on the tritype is the ability to seek meaning. Just what begins since the question ultimates brings a lot of studies that can bring about greater skills.

Brand new sx 469s require the security of this has an effective leading relationship. Suffering feels overwhelming and some keeps common impression inundated. However they declare that despair introduces fear.

The new 468 reacts and you will bands new security to avoid and also make an effective error in order to relax as well as the 469 second thoughts and you will procrastinates in order to end making a mistake…. To settle down.

New 469 is extremely soft until endangered.They are very from reach due to their gut! The fresh fight is through doubt and you may inaction.

9s anxiety staying in disagreement. 479 against 469. Glance at the number of rely on and you can optimism. The newest 7 will bring a light reach with magical thought, dreaming about an educated. However, the new 6 brings support and loyalty. Both are very user-friendly nevertheless 469 provides a whole lot more second thoughts – The brand new 479 is far more future established, targeting the options. The fresh 469 is more dutiful having a heavier weight cardiovascular system, fearing that they cannot make enough of an improvement.?469s declaration a concern about and also make 10 wrong decision and with attitude regarding bland self-consciousness and guilt for having over thus…. However for maybe not making a decision.

In the event that 6 is dominant from the 469 tritype, there are many obvious anxieties and you will questions. Yet not, 946 and you will 469 are equally troubled because of the insecurities.Most of the 3 models have a small paralysis courtesy study. And all of 3 dislike disagreement. ;)) The fresh new 469 enjoy high self-doubt and you can hesitates more than almost every other 4s. It is a shy 4 nonetheless do have their unique feedback…he or she is merely unwilling to voice him or her. Brand new 649 contains the finest difficulties believing their viewpoint and you will will find numerous confirmations before you make decisions. Brand new 964 try affected which have indecision too and can appear to be a good six however they are notably less lured to find views from someone else. They just steer clear of the disagreement in hopes it can care for by itself.

The new 469 is considered the most doubting tritype it doesn’t matter which kind was in charge. It is quite the fresh new tritype that all battles which have a stable sense of notice. They can also be quite couch potato. The only tritype significantly more inactive ‘s the 269. The newest 269 are pleased when you look at the presentation.

Away from question on the 469: I believe Katherine asserted that the brand new 4 have notice-question, new 6 second thoughts themselves while some plus the 9 has the believer/doubter dichotomy.

this new 649 (or 469 964) wanted serenity equilibrium and you will gentleness. He’s delicate and you will does not know very well what to believe plus type of doesnt know what to think on their own. She reported that new 6 is more will than perhaps not phobic and needs numerous sourced elements of confirmation and you will recommendations. It dont become they are able to rebound away from mental discomfort so they really have a tendency to eliminate it from thinking techniques and you may find yourself trying to find so much more questions.

Ask myself some thing

469 is just about to convey more difficulty being age and you may nervousness from the are different. There is far more examining in with folks.

This tritype has many care about-confidence issues. They might commonly become as if they want help from other people, however, they are incapable of have it. It endeavor between in need of anyone else and you can troubled to possess seclusion.

6-4-9Accepting and you can user-friendly, extremely psychological and couch potato, can thought they are a 2 or a sexual subtype. Very doubt 6.

This will will identify why low 6s that aren’t worry about-preserving ponder why they work with large anxiety. Like, this new 9 or 4 towards the 469 tritype contains the step 3 systems that become doubt. Doubt breeds low self-esteem and this expands nervousness. Brand new gift with the tritype ‘s the capability to choose definition. Just what starts because the question ultimates will bring many degree that can lead to better skills.

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